About Us

CursorMe is a startup with a new mindset in the IT world. Like major consulting firms we also want to fulfill customer needs presenting affordable budgets, but business it not everything for us….
All employees work from home but with physical meetings whenever necessary or if an web-ex is not the best option.
Work life balance is a main priority on CursorMe.
We think that keeping our employees happy will make them more productive and that will result on a better customer satisfaction and our final goal : To keep our customer happy !!!
CursorMe brings a new approach to your IT service needs.
We will not only research the best approach on the market but we also will be able to architect, design and document any custom solution.
Customers are our #1 priority and their satisfaction means everything for us…

CursorMe Team

CursorMe Consulting is the perfect company to help you!

What We Do?

Advising on the best solutions to your problems
Designing your solution
Estimating costs
Developing internally or with your programming teams

Our Advantages

High experience professionals
Large experience dealing with project constrains and customers
Low budget for high quality services